If the CMO is becoming a CGO, should the CCO become a CIO?

Written by Paula Bernardino. I read an article a few months ago on why companies are ridding themselves of the long-respected chief marketing role. “Companies are consolidating marketing duties with executives who have broader mandates that often include sales and commercial functions such as product development, retail oversight and more,” mentioned the article. And this is leadingContinue reading “If the CMO is becoming a CGO, should the CCO become a CIO?”

Credibility is a dialogue

Our first blog is a repost from the summer written by Stéphane Prud’homme. Credibility is not only related to influence and persuasion, but rather to the action of informing, communicating, and being believed by one’s interlocutors. It is creating and maintaining a relationship of trust and sharing between the spokesperson and his/her audience. It mustContinue reading “Credibility is a dialogue”