If the CMO is becoming a CGO, should the CCO become a CIO?

Written by Paula Bernardino.

read an article a few months ago on why companies are ridding themselves of the long-respected chief marketing role. “Companies are consolidating marketing duties with executives who have broader mandates that often include sales and commercial functions such as product development, retail oversight and more,” mentioned the article. And this is leading to the rise of new titles such as “chief growth officer” (CGO).  

Ten days ago at the Winter 2020 McMaster University MCM Residency, I attended the talk with guest speaker Chantel Broten, Jan Kelley Communications CEO, where she addressed the current state of CMO positions becoming “chief growth officers”. To her, this change makes sense – “Isn’t the root of marketing to grow business?” she said. Indeed, it is!

This got me thinking about an article I read recently from the Arthur Page Society – “CEOs See Chief Communicator’s Role Expanding Across the Enterprise”. Although not recent (published in 2017), the content remains highly relevant in 2020. As indicated in the image below, CEOs see the CCO as a three-dimensional communicator.

No alt text provided for this image
Source: Arthur W. Page Society

These three dimensions are all very important, but for me, the most important one is “the integrator” one where communications and public relations professionals can play the biggest role when addressing their companies’ challenges.

Findings in the Arthur W. Page Society’s The CEO View: Communications at the Center of the Enterprise (2017) showed CEOs view the CCO as a key driver of corporate character.

“CEOs increasingly are relying on CCOs not just for occasional counsel and advice, but also as key leaders and contributors playing a critical role alongside other C-Suite members in creating and implementing company-wide strategy.”

According to the Cambridge dictionary:
“Integration: the action or process of combining two or more things in an effective way”. It thus got me thinking – “Isn’t the root of communications and public relations to integrate different concepts with different groups of people?”

Hence will the CCO title eventually change to CIO – chief integration officer?

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