Credibility is a dialogue

Our first blog is a repost from the summer written by Stéphane Prud’homme.

Credibility is not only related to influence and persuasion, but rather to the action of informing, communicating, and being believed by one’s interlocutors. It is creating and maintaining a relationship of trust and sharing between the spokesperson and his/her audience.

It must be understood that credibility exists only according to a reflection, a perception, it does not exist alone, it originates in the mind of each member of an audience. The spokesperson is not credible because he/she thinks himself/herself credible, he is credible only if his/her audience perceives him/her to be credible. Members of an audience must trust him/her and feel respected.

Credibility does not equal efficiency. The credible spokesperson is keen to establish and maintain a relationship of trust and mutual understanding with audiences rather than being effective.

Stéphane Prud’homme

I mentioned “dialogue” because credibility is symmetrical bidirectional communication. The credible spokesperson demonstrates a great deal of flexibility, openness, and a constant concern for authenticity. To be credible, the spokesperson must know his/her strengths and weaknesses, because above all, he/she is a human being.

Finally, we must understand that credibility is built, managed and can be consolidated. Credibility is lived from day to day, it’s a way of living, whether you choose to live or not. The consolidation of credibility is a long-term and arduous process, it positively contributes to the relationships of trust and sharing that are desired between a spokesperson and his/her audience.

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